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What's the difference between these meetings?

🔮 Brainstorm Session: In this call, you get the chance to ask all of your marketing-related questions, together, we'll plan out your business goals, we'll see how exactly your business can grow to its full potential and you'll see what we can do for you and your business, without obligation. 

Online Coffee: This is a free marketing discovery call. We can get to know each other a bit better, we can talk about your company values, goals and needs, and we can see whether an amazing partnership or collaboration lays ahead. P.S.: Fancy a hot cup of tea more? Feel free to bring some with you! 😄

🧠 Gameplan Call: In this call, we work out marketing strategies and plans in detail. If you have an idea, we'll transform it into an awesome plan! And if you feel stuck, we'll certainly get you rolling again in no-time!

🤗 Onboarding Call: This is the call where we welcome you into our business, address all of your questions and concerns, and ensure you understand the services available to you and your business. We also collect all information necessary for a successful kickoff of your project!

⌛ Project Update: In this call, you get the opportunity to ask all of your project-related questions. We'll discuss updates, changes, targets, strategy and plan. And we'll go over new ideas, concepts, and make time for feedback and questions. You can also book this call as a marketing consult (only for clients).


Who are these meetings for?

🔮 Brainstorm Session: Are you searching for answers on your marketing-related questions? Are you searching for a marketing agency to collaborate with? Or do you just want to explore the world of possibilities marketing has for you and your company? Then this session is for you!

Online Coffee: Are you a business owner who's searching for marketing help? Or are you a freelancer searching for a partnership? Are you open for a casual chat about you and your company? Let's then grab an online coffee together and see if we're a good fit!

🧠 Gameplan Call: Do you have an awesome idea for your marketing to work out in more detail? Or could you use some inspiration to update your marketing strategy and plan? Then you absolutely want to hop on this call!

🤗 Onboarding Call: Are you a brand new client? Then make sure to hop in this call after you signed your contract. And don't forget to collect your gift at the end! 👀

⌛ Project Update: Are you already a client and do you have questions about your project, need an update or would like an extra marketing consult to talk about more ideas? Then this is the session for you!