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Stop hurting your social media account

There are a ton of benefits to qualitative social media marketing and management. Such as account growth, more followers, more traffic, greater reach, better engagement, no conversion problems, more leads and more clients, greater credibility, etc. Though, these benefits can only be realized properly when you grow your account the organic way.

There are a lot of other ways to ‘grow’ your account with non-organic traffic and engagement. Unfortunately, these only hurt your account and make all these benefits a lot harder to get. Let’s take a look at what really hurts your account long-term:

Buying followers

This one speaks for itself. Buying followers (even if they are real) is the biggest no-go in social media marketing. Not only do you get followers who won’t engage with your content, you’re also not getting any extra sales because they won’t convert into customers.

Hey, we get it, more followers equals more credibility. But getting more followers the organic way over the course of a few months, will set your business and account up for success. Not the instant gratification fake followers get you.

Plus, you can easily see if an account has bought its followers by looking to the followers-comments ratio. Accounts that bought followers tend to have fewer comments on their posts. Also, your analytics will literally show if you have bought followers or not. You’ll see a quick surge of new followers over the course of just a few days. This makes it a very unnatural process. When you buy followers, the fulfilment of such a service may take a few weeks, but they will all come at once.

Unfortunately, Instagram also detects these practices and will limit your account to reach potential clients or new real followers. Good SMM gets you a steady amount of new organic followers, who are truly interested in what your business does.

It’s very important to clean your following list from time to time, to make sure you delete all the inactive accounts. This is the first step you can take to heal your account if you’ve bought followers. But only proper SMM will get you to fully heal and grow your account again.

Engagement groups

Engagement groups are chat groups that contain people who want to grow their account by having more engagement on their posts. When they have a new post, they let the others in the group know, so they can go comment on that new post.

Not only does Instagram know when you’re in such a ‘hype’ group, but it will also limit your reach and engagement again. What’s even worse, there are certain websites you can visit to research whether an account is part of such a group.

Once again, the engagement you’re getting from these engagement groups is not organic. Luckily, there are tons of natural tactics to grow your engagement the organic way.

Follow-for-follow and follow-unfollow

If you’re implementing this ‘tactics’, please, stop hurting your account. Follow-for-follow doesn’t guarantee you new clients or customers if you don't have an extensive strategy behind it. You don’t know whether the people you follow will engage with your content because you don’t know if they’re even interested in your services or products in the first place.

Follow-unfollow is even worse. It comes off as a very unprofessional way of doing business. Especially when you plan to unfollow even the accounts that have followed you back. It also literally gives the people you unfollow the feeling of rejection. Which will not work in favour of your sales and reputation. When most people see you’ve unfollowed them, they will also unfollow your account. This gives you unsteady growth and engagement.

You can easily spot accounts that use these tactics to ‘grow’ by looking at their followers-following ratio. If the numbers are somewhat equal, they grow the natural way. If the numbers of the people they follow show a significant higher number, they most likely use follow-for-follow or follow-unfollow to try and grow.

It may be a less time consuming task with less effort, but will give you exactly what you put in: less growth. Genuine engagement with your industry and followers takes a lot of time, but brings you all the growth you wish for. Therefor, you will only benefit from having a social media manager, as they will do all the hard work for you and you’ll see all the great benefits.

Posting and ghosting

The whole point of social media is ✨ being social ✨. That's exactly how you grow your account and reach more new people! It's so important to be active on your account for at least 15 minutes (preferably 30 minutes) before and after posting. That way, Instagram sees you engaging and therefor pushes your content out to more potential followers.

Posting and ghosting won't bring your account to the next level. Like, at all.


Wondering why you're not growing on Instagram? Then you might be using these tactics that hold you back big time. So, let's all collectively throw these strategies into our mental bin, shall we? 😄

  1. Buying followers

  2. Engagement groups

  3. Follow-for-follow

  4. Follow-unfollow

  5. Posting and ghosting

More tips for growing on Instagram coming soon!

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding social media marketing.

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