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Why your business needs a Swiss Army Knife, not a One-Trick Pony

"Do I hire a marketing agency or a freelancer?" Maybe this question has been roaming around in your head lately. Well, we are here to answer it. In this article, we'll be looking into the differences of both working with a fullservice agency and specialised agency/freelancer. Let's get into it!

One of the most important factors for any agency is how versatile they are. The reason why it’s so important, is because businesses grow and thrive through capabilities and disciplines.


We'll be referring to a one-trick-pony as a freelancer or agency who is specialised in one branch of digital marketing. For example: Social Media Management. Freelancers and specialised agencies have spend years perfecting their services and they're experts at what they do.

So, one-trick-ponies may be good at one thing, but this only brings you so far. Before you know, there is another problem that needs to be solved within your marketing. And unfortunately, your one-trick-pony isn't going to be able to help you anymore. But that's why there are Swiss army knives!

Your Swiss army knife

A fullservice digital marketing agency belongs in that category. These agencies offer several services in the digital marketing industry. They hire experts in each field and have a whole marketing team under their wings. For example, a fullservice marketing agency can specialise in social media management, website design, branding, paid ads, email marketing, and much more, without losing any of it's quality.

One of the biggest perks of working with a fullservice agency is that they can really help you grow on different levels within your business. And that without the need for you to search for other freelancers or agencies to help setting up plans for another marketing strategy. Plus, you also get to save a ton of time as you don't need to discuss your amazing company (values), target audience, and way of working over and over again. How easy is that?

The right tools

There should be a variety of services your agency can do for you. To achieve the best results in any industry, your agency must have the right tools to bring you and your business to the next level. It’s like building something in your own home. To do that, you need a variety of tools. Such as a hammer, screwdriver, saw…

This must also be the case for your agency. To be able to work in any environment, it needs different tools to work properly. Such as SEO, website design and development, online ads, copywriting… Online marketing is not just about implementing one of these services. It's about using them all together, in the right way, and in the right order, so you can profit from the best results.

For example, you can have an ad campaign running, but if you have conversion problems on your website that you are unaware of, then your ad campaign will not be as effective at all. And we don't want you throwing your money out of the window. That's why you need a fullservice marketing agency that can warn you about these complications when performing audits on your business.

Why you need a Swiss army knife as partner

You need all the right key components in place. And your Swiss army knife can get you there! If you want to genuinely grow online and leave your mark in your industry, having a fullservice marketing agency as a partner can really give you a head start.

They'll make sure your branding is top-notch and everything adds up.

They'll make sure you attract your target audience and prepare you for your dream client.

And they'll make sure your customer journey and experience is one your clients and customers will never forget!

All that, whilst implementing a variety of marketing services and giving you the perk of having to contact only one person (that you know and trust) when you have questions about your projects.


So, when looking for an agency to support you and your business, look for one that has all the right tools to support you in all kinds of situations. Because, when it comes to marketing, you are going to need all of those tools to grow your business to its full potential. Especially because marketing is a fast-paced evolving industry.

An important note:

When you finally find a fullservice agency, the next step is to ask yourself what qualities they bring to your doorstep. In other words, ask the right questions! More about this in our next blogpost


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